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Silicone Rubber Rollers


Silicone rubber is a synthetic rubber material that is derived from the same basic backbone as sand and quartz. Through a series of chemical reactions these minerals are formed to basic silicone materials. By manipulating and blending these raw silicones and crosslinking during vulcanization, useful products can be formulated including compounds beneficial for the roller covering industry. Silicone is literally “rubber from rock”. 

Beneficial properties are excellent performance at higher temperatures and very good release characteristics. Deficiencies include limited abrasion and tear resistance.  Silicone is often blended with other materials including Hypalon and EPDM to improve its toughness while losing little of its beneficial properties. When used correctly, silicone is an excellent material for custom molded parts as well as roller coverings.

This high heat tolerance and good release characteristic make silicone the right choice for many laminating and coating operations.    

Ask us if silicone is the right material for your application and budget. 

Silicone vs. Nitrile Properties 


Rubber Compound

Nitrile Silicone EPDM/Silicone Blends
Physical Properties      
Hardness Range Shore A 20-95 40-90 40-95
Hardness Range P&J 0-200 25-185 10-140
Abrasion Resistance 3 1 3
Tear Resistance 3 1 2
Load Bearing 4 1 2
Hysteresis 2 5 3
Resistance to Denting 3 5 3
Maximum Service Temperature (C/F) 121/250 260/500 185/365
Ozone Resistance 1 5 5
Resiliency 3 1 4
Solvent Resistance      
Acids 2 4 4
Caustics 3 4 4
Paraffinic Hydrocarbons 5 2 1
Aromatic Hydrocarbons 3 3 2
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons 1 3 2
Water 4 4 4
Ketones 2 3 5
Alcohols 5 4 4
Esters 1 3 3
Recommended Applications      
Laser Engraving      
Metal Decorating    
Offset Printing      
Paper Making Industry    
Plate Processors    
Steel Mill Rollers    
Textile Rollers      
Wood Industry
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