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Industrial Rubber Parts

Industries Served

Almost every industry uses rollers and custom rubber parts to move, coat, protect, or process the products they are manufacturing. We produce custom parts and precision rubber rollers for a wide variety of industries. While we can't be an expert in every industry, we specialize in making the precision parts and rubber rollers so you can manufacture your products more efficiently. 

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Industrial Rubber Components

From rubber drive rollers used in heavy mining conveyors to parts employed in cotton and potato fields, Rol-Tec has the expertise to manufacture your rubber rollers and cast urethane components.

We have materials that are specially designed to withstand the unique abrasion that rocks and soil exert.  Our materials will help you harvest your field or move your ore.

While we don’t make rubber roofing or flooring, we make the parts so you can manufacture these building materials. We cover new and used rollers specifically designed for manufacturers of glass, flooring, lumber, siding, and shingles. Daily, we recover wood industry rollers from saw mill rollers to special spiral and chevron grooved rollers used in wood sanding equipment. 

Coating paper and laminating poly require precise composite sleeves and rollers with specialized rubber covers. At Rol-Tec, we manufacture each component from the sleeve and roller core to the special rubber cover for the tape, laminating, label, and paper coating industries. Precise tapered sleeves and high release rubber covers are staples in this manufacturing space. Coating and laminating require elastomer covers that are finished to precise and provable dimensions utilizing our Laser Measuring Profiler. All components are made at our facilities - all made in the USA.

Most packaging and converting equipment have a variety of rubber covered rollers and special molded parts. Nip rollers, lay-on rollers, pull rollers, seal rollers, and spreader rollers are just a few of the types covered and grooved at Rol-Tec. We rubber cover our converting rollers with long lasting materials specifically developed for the high speeds and abrasion inherent in the converting industry. Many rollers in this industry are spiral grooved to eliminate wrinkles or are straight grooved to your pint specifications.

Along with the rollers, we mold many precision OEM parts with tough urethane and high release silicone materials to withstand the special conditions of the converting and packaging industries.     

We manufacture a variety of rollers and parts with special coverings specific to the food processing industry. Whether the roller is used in the packaging of food or needs to withstand large amounts of water while washing food, we will recommend the appropriate covering. Roller coverings from FDA approved to very tough / long lasting compounds are used depending upon the requirements of the application. 

We cover rollers or make molded parts from FDA approved elastomers and urethanes for aqueous and fatty food contact where required.

From experimental wheels and silencers to parts used in Olympic caliber bows, we have the expertise to manufacture your designed components. Some military projects include prototype run flat wheels as well as experimental weapon accessories. Our sports items range from dragster parts to snow grooming and competitive wake boarding components.

We manufacture specific parts and materials used in oil and gas exploration and production. We also mold parts used in pipeline assembly, maintenance, and quality checks. Often, proprietary compounds owned by the customer are required in the oil and gas industry. We work with the customer to insure proper compounding of these special materials as well as the finished dimensional tolerances of the parts are achieved for this critical industry.

Because we are located in the upper Midwest of the United States, we offer timesaving and delivery advantages to the oil field customers in our part of the continent. 

From wet end to dry end, we have special covers designed for the paper making industry. We cover rollers and manufacture parts for towel and tissue, corrugated, and fine paper manufacturers. Backing rolls, reel spools, felt rollers, and lay-on rolls are recovered and ground to your machine specifications.

For the myriad of rollers used in the paper industry, we use proven materials designed for each specific application and position in the mill.

We manufacture rollers and parts for manufacturers and converters of poly film. Ask us about specific recommendations for coverings used in bag and pouch, blown film, cast film, and the food grade packaging industries. Ozone resistant tower nip covers and covers suitable for printing on poly are part of what we offer.

We produce complete laser engraved sleeves with high tech rubber covers designed specifically to withstand the abrasion and ozone in the film production environment.  We recover many rollers with special elastomer coverings used in the converting end of poly manufacturing to make finished bags and packaging products.

We manufacture many rollers and components used in the printing industry. Precision fiberglass sleeves, elastomers compatible to your ink, and laser engraved ready for your press make us the preferred supplier. Flexographic, digital, tape and label printers all have rollers and sleeves manufactured by Rol-Tec.

A variety of large rollers, guide wheels, and split rings specific to the steel and metals industry are covered every day at Rol-Tec. Urethane, Hypalon, and special Nitrile rubber covers are all used for specific applications and designed for the harsh environment on the metal manufacturing line. 

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